Dr. Zeki Eraslan

Dr. Zeki Eraslan was born in 1978 in Bayburt. He graduated from Hacettepe University, the Department of History. He got his M.A from Public Administration Institute for Turkey and the Middle East (TODAEI) and became Public Management Specialist. With the dissertation titled “From Şûrâ-yı Devlet to Council State: Structural and Functional Transformation”, he completed his doctoral degree.


Since 2004, he has served as Director, Institute Secretary, Personnel Branch Manager, Strategy Development Manager, Personnel Department Head, and Directorate Counselor in Public Institutions and Organizations. He was appointed as the vice president of Atatürk Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History in 2012. He has been continuing his duty since August 2021. In addition to this duty, he was appointed as the acting President of Atatürk Culture Center between August 2016 and January 2018. As of January 2, 2019, he was re-assigned to the Presidency of Atatürk Culture Center, and he is still continuing this duty (as of December 2021).


He attended various training programs on public employment legislation, public fiscal legislation, public procurement legislation, and protocol management and provided training for these topics. He actively participated in preparation of the Law/Decree-Law, various secondary legislation (Regulations, Directive) , Strategic Planning, Performance Program, and Activity Report.

Dr. Eraslan, serving as president of Legislation Preparation Commission, The Supreme Council Disciplinary Board and Institution Administrative Board, completed 46th Public Diplomacy Training Program in 2013. He participated in research programs in various countries such as England, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Iran and Japan. He also participated as a delegate in the meeting “Innovating the Public Sector: From Ideas to Impact” held by OECD in Paris in 2014. In 2013, he served as a Member of the Advisory Board of Eskişehir Turkic World Capital of Culture. He has a good command of English, intermediate level Persian. He is married with three children.