Atatürk International Peace Prize

Atatürk Barış Ödülü Görseli

Atatürk International Peace Prize

Atatürk International Peace Prize is a state prize that given to natural and legal persons who served for development of friendship and goodwill with principle of Atatürk’s “peace at home, peace in the World”. The award was given in accordance with the “Atatürk International Peace Award Regulation”, which enacted with cabinet decree the dated 14.11.1984 and numbered 84/8769 in the years 1986-2000. The award could not be given in the years 2000-2013 due to the deficiencies in the legislation after the removal of some articles in the Council’s law since 1993.

With the restructuring process, the Atatürk International Peace Prize Regulation, prepared in accordance with Article 27 of the Decree-Law No. 664 enacted in 2011, was published in the Official Gazette dated 12.03.2013 numbered 28585 and entered into force. Work continues within the scope of the relevant Regulation.

Atatürk International Peace Award Given Between 1986-2000


Year The Prize Winner
1986 Joseph LUNS (5th Secretary General of NATO)
1987 Richard Von WEIZSAECKER (President of the Federal Republic of Germany)
1989 Takahito MİKASA (Japanese Prince)
1990 Kenan EVREN (7th President of the Republic of Turkey)
1995 The Turkish Red Crescent Society
1996 UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund)
1997 Turkish Peace Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina
1998 Prof. Dr. Bernard LEWIS (Princeton University Faculty Member)
1999 Haydar ALİYEV (3th President of Azerbaijan)
2000 Rauf DENKTAŞ (1st president of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)