Brief History

The Turkish Nation, which has one of the few cultures and civilizations of the world, has a history of thousands of years in a geography that is the cradle of civilizations. Atatürk Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History was established on August 17, 1983 in order to protect, evaluate, promote and hand down this great cultural heritage to future generations and thus strengthen national identity and politics. The supreme council has four sub-institutions: Turkish Historical Society established in 1931, Turkish Language Association established in 1932, The Atatürk Research Center, and The Atatürk Culture Center. These four institutions, researching the Turkish language, culture as well as Atatürk, have carried out their activities under the roof of the Supreme Council since 1983.

Decree law was introduced concerning the organization and duties of the Atatürk Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History in order to the institutions carried out the scientific research effectively. The Supreme Council, consisting of the High Advisory Board, Board of Directors, and Departments, has gained an academic structure thanks to the establishment of Scientific Committees and subcommittees of the Institutions within its body and the scientific study opportunities given to the Institutions.

More than 150 academics serve as Scientific Committee Members in the Scientific Committees established in four institutions within our body. Scientific Committees and sub-committees shape our Institutions’ scientific activities as well as direct the language, history, and culture policies.