Happy 100th Anniversary of our Republic!

The Republic of Türkiye, founded with the unique struggle of our nation, is the result of a glorious victory that draws its strength from the national consciousness.
We proudly celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic and commemorate our heroic martyrs, especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, with mercy and gratitude.

The following words of the Great Leader Atatürk regarding the Republic are worth remembering:

“The Republic has achieved successes unseen in centuries on the way to the prosperity and rise of the Turkish nation. The results achieved by the Republic in a short period in realizing the requirements of welfare and development by finding and learning the tendencies and needs of the nation are sufficient to make us estimate how bright the future that the republican administration has prepared for our nation is. There is no doubt that the future children of the Republic will be more prosperous and happy than we are.”