Visit to the Earthquake areas

Prof. Dr. Yüksel Özgen, President of Atatürk Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History, Deputy President, Assoc.Prof. Ahmet KILINÇ, Dr. Zeki ERASLAN, Head of Atatürk Research Center, Prof. Dr. Birol ÇETİN, Turkish Historical Society and Prof. Dr. Gürer GÜLSEVİN, Turkish Language Association, paid a visit to the earthquake area after the earthquakes, with the epicenter of Kahramanmaraş and affected 11 provinces, in order to identify the deficiencies in the issues that concern the institutions.

The delegation, which paid a visit to the tent cities in Malatya, presented the children and youth with the publications of the Institutions, children’s books obtained from other publishing houses, and 3 thousand stationery sets.

Within the scope of the visit, was held a meeting in presence of Inonu University Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kızılay, regarding the current situation and the educational activities of the universities in the region affected by the earthquake. prof. Dr. ÖZGEN stated that the duties of the Institutions will be fulfilled on behalf of the development of the region.